I used to be so creative with blog titles...

Posted by flabbyfab , Monday, August 29, 2011 7:30 AM

SO....crazy yet fun weekend. Spent too much money and ate too much bad food. :( extra gym time required this week!!! And here is the result from Saturdays official weekly weigh in:

Wahoo!!! I moved some things yesterday and made sure my scale was one of them. I obsess over it too much! So it's outta sight for about a week. This means I need to kick major ass!

Happy Monday everyone! To end this quick blog, here's a few random pics from this weekend of my mama and I...

After the waterpark

Downtown trolley
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2 Response to "I used to be so creative with blog titles..."

2fivefive Says:

One week till you're back:)woot!!! congrats on your 2lb loss!

Bonnie Says:

Congrats on your loss!!!!.....and Woo Hoo To Billy!!!!!!!!......lol

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